SHC of Chillicothe attends ‘The Pumpkin Show’

The Pumpkin Show is our most recent outing. We were able to take a group of people who had spent time at the pumpkin show when they were younger and also some newbies to enjoy all the festivities. The Pumpkin Show is known in this area as The Greatest Free Show on Earth and has an average daily attendance of 100,000 people. We were there in the town square for the pumpkin Weighing where a new record was set with the Grande Champion Pumpkin weighing in at 1964 lbs. We also visited Lindsey’s Bakery where they have the worlds largest pumpkin pie on display. We then brought the event back with us for others to experience by making the famous pumpkin burgers. It was a great event on a very beautiful day.

– Malissa Combs, Quality of Life Director