Residents pick Santa’s top helpers

it matters elfThis month’s ‘It Matters’ event was for the elders to crown the most helpful, respectful and positive Santa’s helper.

The elders were given Christmas bows to pin on each staff member’s shirt, provided that staff member had exhibited the most helpful, respectful and positive attitudes that day, and throughout the month. These are ongoing events that we hold at least monthly to help refocus us all on those we serve and on what really MATTERS.

“So far it has been awesome because it makes people smile, even when they don’t want to,” said Jenny Fields, one of our elders.

Rhonda Jacobs, a staff member, said, “This is so fun – it gets people buzzing around who don’t usually get too involved.”

The ‘It Matters’ winners were Cinda Newman, First Place; Melissa Ousley, Second Place; and Jackie Vangundy, Third Place.

– Malissa Combs, Quality of Life Director