Dorothy Riddle Is Heading Home!

Signature HealthCARE of Chillicothe had the pleasure of meeting and caring for the beautiful Dorothy Riddle. Dorothy was tending to some hungry kittens outside her home when she took a tumble down some steps. When we asked Dorothy what she might do differently when she went back home she laughed and said that kittens will have to stay in their own space and she would stay in hers.  Dorothy never lost her sense of humor during her inpatient stay, she even mentioned that she enjoyed teasing the therapy staff and they teased her right back. When asked if any stakeholder went above and beyond for her she said everyone was so good to her she couldn’t pick just one.  We asked her if she would recommend Signature HealthCARE of Chillicothe to others and her response was “Oh yes!”. We are proud of you, Dorothy, and we hope you come back to visit. We are so glad we were about to be a part of your recovery.