The Way of Wisdom

“Through insolence comes nothing but strife, but wisdom is with those who receive counsel.” -Proverbs 13:10

Learning from our mistakes is one of the most difficult lessons in life. A corresponding life lesson is to learn from the mistakes of others. It is easy to feel like we are always on top of things. Frankly, it is too easy, and is part of our natural inclination apart from God’s gracious activity.

I arrived at Signature having a steep learning curve regarding long-term care. Rare is the day I fail to learn something new–practices, funding, sharing life with elders and stakeholders, and a myriad of other issues. Assumptions have been challenged and growth has occurred.

But this does not automatically happen. It takes stepping off our self-edifying perch of self-tribute and asking, “What if?” This is not merely true of long-term care; it is true at a basic level, about everything.

What if I’m in need of a different perspective? What if I’m going about this all wrong? What if following God isn’t quite as simple as I initially thought? What if I’ve spent far too much time thinking about myself rather than focusing on others?

The quest for wisdom starts with inquiry. If I want the right answers, I must ask the right questions. If I want to receive counsel, I must humble myself and ask for it. How hard it is to surrender my pride, especially in areas where I consider myself competent. Yet, this is the path to growth and fruitfulness.

Father, thank You for those you have put in my life. They are a source of wisdom for me. I humble myself before You and ask You to show me ways I can ask the right questions. I want to grow – for my own sake as well as those You place along my path. I ask this in Your Great Name.

–Chaplain Harry Mullins